About Us

NativeSpecial is an online venture with a vision to make native specialties from each place to be accessible online for the wider audience to enjoy some of their all-time favourite specialties. Owned and operated by group of people who have given up their jobs Abroad to realize their dream of bringing the native specials to offline retail operations and online which also have shown significant promise and growth in the past 3 years. The venture has been acknowledged by Times of India as One of the Top Ten Innovativeconcepts of the year 2013 and has been featured in various leading magazines like Indian Express and Hindu.

Nativespecial celebrates the uniqueness of Indian food and reflects the diversity of Indian cuisine which treats our taste buds with varieties of ingredients and preparation almost by the turn of every corner. Some of the classics available are Tirunelveli Halwa popularly known as Iruttu Kadai Halwa, a unique preparation of Halwa followed in the shops of Tirunelveli, a city at the southern tip of India, Manapparai Murukku which is very famous for its double fry making, Thoothukudi Macaroons a French delicacy made in Indian style, etc.,

The website also caters to health conscious consumers with some unique products like Vallarai Idly Podi ( Vallarai - Centella asiatica) a herb which is widely considered to possess medicinal properties and used extensively in Ayurveda treatments, Arugambul Idli Podi (Arugampul – Bermuda Grass) again considered to possess many health benefits from helping in Diabetes control, building immunity etc., Hill Honey – Honey at its most natural form without any processing collected directly from Honey bee Hive and many more products which help consumers adopt to much healthier foods without having to control the temptation to eat something tasty.

The people at Nativespecial.us are passionate on the food they offer and take extensive care to ensure that only the best quality of the specialties are allowed to be listed on their website. The focus right now is to include specialities from other regions and expand their product offerings so that they can offer a rich variety of food at the highest quality. The Website also offers Cash on Delivery for select cities and towns to make purchasing simpler and are planning to roll-out the feature across other regions in India.

We all might have tasted a few delicacies, definitely heard our friends talk about their specialities, savouring the memories of their most favourite foods which they could not taste it often as much as they would like to. Now bid good riddance to those regrets and enjoy your personal favourites, may it be the Tirunelveli Halwa your friend brings from his hometown, Palani Panchamirtham you got a chance to taste on a spiritual voyage to Palani (Temple for Lord Kartikeya), Manapparai Murukku, Dindugal Kadalai Mittai, Ooty Varukki, Thoothokudi Macroon, Karoor Thenga Mittai, Velliyanai Adhirasam some of them unheard of till now. Well, what are you waiting for? Log on to Nativespecial.com, order your favourites and treat the food lover in you!

NativeSpecial is India's first Online Portal that connects you to your favourite products that are special to a place. Buy any Products listed that are special in a place/city through NativeSpecial get it shipped to your home. The payment will be made through NativeSpecial and we will ship you the items to your address Click here to Register(Free)

Most importantly NativeSpecial is pioneering in delivering their offerings all around the world to people who miss their Native taste.  Few of their destination delivery country lists are  USA, UK, EUROPE, CANADA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, AUSTRALIA, UAE etc.,

Our mission is to bring out native special products and offer it to the people who are craving for it from different parts of the world.  By this Initiative we directly benefit the livelihood of the traditional makers of the native products whose existance is towarsd exttinction.