Elandha Vadai - Crushed Seed

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Elandha Vadai - Crushed Seed

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Elantha Vadai or jujube candy has historical values in TamilNadu. Once tasted the taste sticks to your taste buds. Very unique taste which none other eatery can match. High quality ezhandhavadai(jujube) made with care. Snacks like Elandha Vadai were part of Tamil's culture which are developed based on the land mass and life style. This unique taste cannot be found any where around the world.
Place of Speciality : TamilNadu
Shelf life : 60 days
Instructions : Seeds are crushed and made as small particles to make the consuming of Elandha vadai easy
Best Suited for : grown ups who tasted elantha vadai during their schoold days, kids
Best with : self
Ingredients : elantha palam (jujube fruit), Red chilli, Asafoetida, Jaggery, salt


Elantha Vadai the Indian jujube is called as Indian Plum or Indian cherry in English, “Ber” in Hindi, “Badri” in Sanskrit. The Tamil name is “Elanthai Pazham”. Elantha Vadai - The fruits are dried in the sun and the hard nuts are removed. Then it is pound with tamarind, red chillies, and jaggery. Small vadas made from this dough and again dried in the Sun) is one of the famous candies which we get in Southern Tamilnadu. Medicinally, jujubes have been used to treat nerves and as a cure for insomnia.It cures stomach-aches, respiratory problem, throat infection, urinary inflammation and constipation. It is helpful in liver troubles, asthma and fever. They are equally effective in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, gout, ulcer and rheumatism. A teaspoonful of powder of dry fruit stops excessive menstruation.